Bella Miah - Massage By Christina

Massage Treatments

Massage helps release stress, ease tension and sooth aching muscles. Each session is customized to fit your needs.

Massage Treatments
Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Prenatal
30 minutes  $35 / 60 minutes  $60 / 90 minutes  $75

Swedish Massage
A relaxing traditional European Technique of long, kneading strokes that relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. Moderate pressure is used to relieve stress to promote an overall sense of well being.

Deep Tissue Massage
My deep tissue massage get to the base of your muscle aches. Firm pressure is used to address tension in a more effective way providing a longer lasting relief on your muscles.

Prenatal Massage
Specifically designed for the mommy-to-be, this massage is performed using comfortable pillows which allows you to be as relaxed as can be while the therapist works those sore achy muscles of the back, arms, legs, and feet.

Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes  $70 / 90 minutes  $85
Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth, polished volcanic basalt stones are heated and incorporated into a massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension. A great massage choice in the Winter time!

Add-on to any massage:
  • Hand or foot sugar scrub - $10

Body Treatments

Peppermint Sea Body WrapThis slimming body shaping treatment combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin. It is ideal in helping rid the body of accumulated toxins and improving circulation--making it a great treatment for sore, aching muscles and water retention. It helps contour and firm the body. Aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and effleurage massage technique are included in this treatment.  --- $80

Illuminating Sugar ScrubReveal softer, younger-looking skin with a gentle, indulgent exfoliation. Removes dead skin with delicate sugar crystals that leave behind soothed, softened skin. --- $45

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